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    Something Bigger Than Us in Adventure and Exploration

    Featured Explorer: Sara Waters

    Upper Colorado River, Near Radium, Colorado

    This new Aspen & Pine series will feature the women adventurers who inspire us and reflect our shared passion for exploring the natural world. We’ll discover what motivates them to get outside and stay outside in five simple questions.

    Sara Waters

    Age: 38
    Location: Castle Rock, CO
    Day Job: Owner / Psychotherapist / EMDR & IFS...

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    Sleeping Bag Liners — The underappreciated adventure gear

    How to make your own no-sew sleeping bag liner in a day

    Sleeping bag liners have a mixed reputation. Some insist they are an expensive rip-off, others collect different types for different occasions. After a cold trip to Orcas Island in the Puget Sound during late February, I decide to give it a go and make my own sleeping bag liner.

    The Benefits of Sleeping Bag Liners

    Sleeping bag liners are thin,...

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    The Best Advice You Can Hear About Yoga Pants

    The use of yoga pants has exploded outside the boundaries of their original intent. We wear them for yoga, hiking, biking, walking, talking, sitting, gardening, working, grocery shopping, and much more. The comfort, flexibility and popularity of these versatile pieces has encouraged the fashion industry to provide choices of length, style, and design creating a dizzying array of options. In turn,...

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    How to dress for cold weather adventures

    Skiing in Jeans — A cold rough ride

    As a Colorado native, I knew from a very early age that skiing in jeans is a huge no-no. Seen as a fashion faux pas, the practice has been around long before my little skis hit the slopes to practicing my “pizza and french-fry”. Beyond the fashion faux pas, wearing jeans and other wardrobe missteps creates a serious chance of ruining your outdoor adventure due to...

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    4 Lunchtime Walk Loops in Downtown Denver

    Keeping in Hiking Shape During the Winter

    Each winter we all loose a little bit of our summer hiking fitness. After all, our options become limited when snow covers the foothills and mountains. In this article we’ve created four different routes to help keep you in hiking shape. If you are just starting out and looking to slowly ramp up your millage, these can be used as a gradual approach. If you...

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