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    News — fashion

    The Best Advice You Can Hear About Yoga Pants

    The use of yoga pants has exploded outside the boundaries of their original intent. We wear them for yoga, hiking, biking, walking, talking, sitting, gardening, working, grocery shopping, and much more. The comfort, flexibility and popularity of these versatile pieces has encouraged the fashion industry to provide choices of length, style, and design creating a dizzying array of options. In turn,...

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    I Have an Obsession with Winter Jackets (And You Should Too!)

    Every winter my cold weather storage bin comes out from the deep recesses of my closet. This large tub has everything I need to get by during the cold winter months. What’s in it? There are a few cute beanies, some thicker scarves, super sexy long underwear (not!), insulated snow boots, and most importantly my assortment of winter jackets. I have an obsession with winter jackets. I’ve got color...

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    Gift Ideas for the #Outdoorwomen in Your Life

    Looking for gift ideas? Checkout these special picks from the staff at Aspen & Pine. Inspired by the needs of outdoor and nature loving women, these items cover cold weather, at home, and on the go.

    Sacagawea — Leather Mittens

    Displaying an arrangement of flowers, these leather mittens are named for Sacagawea, a Lemhi Shoshone woman. Astis leather mittens are hand-sewn in the USA from light brown...

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    An outdoor woman’s guide to holiday outfits

    It’s that time of year when we don our best duds, whip up a dish to share, and head to our friend’s and family’s houses for wine, food, laughter, and more food. If you are like me, this simple activity of dressing nice can get a little frustrating. There are so many variables to cover. Look good, but stay comfortable. Dress warm, but avoid bulky clothes that will get in the cranberry sauce. Then...

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