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    A Romantic Winter Weekend — Modern cabin in a rustic place

    When romance, adventure, and style collide during the perfect winter weekend getaway.

    Located a mere 36 miles south of the Canadian boarder, I spent a wonderful weekend with my husband among the glistening trees and powdery snow of Winthrop, Washington. This quaint and charming town is a hidden winter play land for all who enjoy winter sports.

    We were invited to attend a New Years Day wedding, and...

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    3 Romantic Winter Getaways — Exploring Colorado when in love

    For me, the most romantic season in Colorado is winter. The snowy peaks and winter shimmer of ice make the special places of Colorado perfect for romantic winter weekends. The brisk air and icy winds easily encourage romantic evenings snuggled up by the fire, but if you want to ramp up the excitement and romance potential, check out these steamy ideas.

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