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Classic Houdini insulation jacket. Light, warm and highly packable. Wind and water resistant. Circular design. Circular Recycled Recyclable Bluesign Description Cutting edge insulation jacket completely free from feathers. Mrs Dunfri is padded with Primaloft Gold Eco, a warm, lightweight and water resistant synthetic padding. Bring it in your backpack for extra insulation on the mountain or wear it under your everyday winter coat. Mrs Dunfri is a Houdini classic, used by everyone from mountain guides to management consultants. The combination of clean, minimalist looks with cutting edge performance makes it a true chameleon, both in terms of functionality and style. Mrs Dunfri is made in Spinner Ripstop, a very light and durable fabric made from 100% recycled polyester. The padding is Primaloft Gold Eco, a synthetic padding made from 55% recycled polyester. Primaloft Gold Eco has a similar warmth-to-weight ratio as down, but perform much better in wet conditions. It packs down nicely in a stow pocket and has a wonderful soft feeling. Mrs Dunfri is treated with a PFAS-free Durable Water Repellent. We use synthetic padding not only for the performance benefits but also because we don’t believe birds should suffer for our comfort’s sake. Bring Mrs Dunfri on any adventure. Use it to stay warm on your ski tour or climbing expedition, bring it to your camping trip, or simply wear it to fight the cold on your way to work. When your Mrs Dunfri is completely worn out we kindly ask you to return it to Houdini for recycling. We have recycling units in all our own stores and at many retailers. Regular fit Wind resistant Water repellent Pre-shaped arms for freedom of movement Hood with cord constructed for full vision Pockets double as vent zips Soft cuff in Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro Adjustment in lower hem PFAS-free Made from recycled fibers Recyclable Bluesign®-certified Weight 420 g Fabrics and Technology Main Fabric: Spinner Ripstop™ High density ripstop polyester. Water repellant, highly wind resistant, ultralight and stowable. Origin: Taiwan 100% recycled polyester Recyclable Bluesign® certified Weight: 37g/sqm High density microfibers with 22D*22D Highly wind resistant Cired backside DWR finish – PFAS-Free Padding: PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Active + A highly water repellant, durable and quick drying alternative to down. Exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio. Origin: China 55% recycled polyester, 45% polyester Weight: 100 g/sqm Excellent warmth to weight-ratio Soft and compressible Highly water resistant Migration resistant DWR finish – PFAS-free Bluesign® certified Recyclable Care Instructions Synthetic materials When washing clothes made of synthetic fabrics, the use of a washing bag becomes even more important: It prevents microplastics from entering into rivers and oceans. Air clothes instead of washing to save water, energy and to make the garments last longer. Use a washing bag to protect your garments and to prevent fibers from leaking. When cleaning the bag and filter in the machine, make sure to wipe it clean and throw the lint in your trash can. Never rinse it in water since we don’t want the fibers to end up in lakes or oceans. Machine wash, max 40 °C/104 °F. Use mild environmentally certified detergents and make sure to use the right dose. Avoid fabric softener. Besides being harmful for our environment, they have a negative impact on the garment performance, mainly moisture transportation and breathability. Tumble dry on low heat. Iron on low heat. Bluesign® The Bluesign® Label means that the production is vetted by a third party to eliminate any harmful chemicals or substances right from the beginning of the production process. This benefits both people, animals and our entire planet. Circular The Circular label means that this product is made either from recycled and recyclable or renewable and biodegradable fibers. Most products in today's society are made in a linear lifecycle, where earth's resources are extracted, used and then discarded. This is not working in the long run and comes at a great environmental impact. Instead, we want to close the loop and reuse the material we already have. But we need your help. When your Houdini garments are completely worn out, please return them to us through the recycling units we have in all our own stores and at many retailers. Recycled The Recycled label means that this garment contains at least 50% recycled fibers (often more, see product description). The source is either recycled clothes or other sources like PET bottles. We mainly use recycled polyester, which has many benefits. It reduces both CO2 emissions and water use compared to virgin polyester. How much depends on the type of recycling. One of our suppliers show 32% less CO2 emissions and 94% less water use for mechanically recycled polyester. Besides the production impact, the major shift is using "waste" as raw material instead of crude oil. Recyclable The Recyclable label means that the raw material in this product can be used for new products, instead of becoming waste. Our goal is that by 2030, we will take no raw material to our products from the earth's crust. Circular products, made from reycled and recyclable materials are a real game changer, but we need your help for the system to work. When your Houdini garments are completely worn out, please return them to us. We have recycle units in all of our own stores and at many retailers.