Humming Bird Sublimation Baseball Hat

Katherine Homes

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This Hummingbird hat is the perfect item to throw on your head to go birdwatching, walking, gardening, or any adventure you choose. Because it has a mesh back it will keep you cool as you heat up from the day. But it will also keep your face protected from the sun or wind. People talk about how quickly hummingbirds flap their wings (60 - 200 times per second), but seriously, do you know how much nectar you have to guzzle to sustain that kind of aerobic acrobatics? Twice your body weight, daily! Honestly, though, it always feel so special catching a glimpse of these amazing birds in action. But now, you guessed it, it’s time for us to start taking action to help endangered hummingbird species like the Short-crested Coquette from Mexico who are suffering from dramatic habitat loss. 34 of these species, roughly 10%, are currently threatened. Size: 56 - 62 cm / one size fits most 100% cotton front / foam Nylon mesh back Structured medium profile Contrast stitching eyelets and buttons Plastic snap closure A percentage of this sale will go to protect these gentle beings.